Cable Television Alternatives for College Students

We often see parents complaining about rising college tuition, dorm, and expenses. One way to reduce monthly expenditures is to eliminate cable or satellite TV service. While those services do offer a ton of programming, there are some great cable TV alternatives available.


Such as purchasing a Roku 3 for a one time fee of $99. A Roku 3 is a set top box that allows you to stream media to your television such as Netflix. Small in size, and low in cost, the Roku 3 is capable of streaming a bunch of services like Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon Instant Video, and many other services.


Another alternative is Apple TV. While this streaming media device does the same thing as the Roku 3, it doesn’t have as much free programming available to users as the Roku 3. It does interface really nice with other Apple gadgets such as the iPhone 4 and 5, iPad, and Apple computers.


Saving money by cutting the cable cord isn’t the easiest thing to do, but there are options for getting more content to your TV without spending a bunch of money.

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