Interesting and Useful Activity to Spend Your Holiday Time


What do you think about spending your holiday time for study? Yeah, I know some of you will mock me for bringing up this “unbelievable” topic. Maybe you will think that don’t screw up with it because holiday is holiday and that is the best time to avoid from pile of book and go crazy for some party and other wild activities. Okay, you have right to keep going with that holiday theme. But give a minute because I will offer an unusual program to learn English with extraordinary way. Yes, for you, international students who have urgency to improve you English, ETC opens an interesting program which let you to learn English more effectively in UK.



In this summer, the program will be available in 7th July-24th August 2013 and you can choose one of the three programs which are standard general course, intensive general English, and super intensive program. The service is also available in exam preparation courses such as courses program for IELTS, FCE, CAE, and one-to-one exam. You can also choose the specific English program such as for business sector, medical area, legal, aviation, tourism, military, and Toeic exam preparation. Don’t worry about where you’re going to stay during study as there is a special residence for ETC students which are very close to the college building where you will study. For further information, check our accommodation prices in the website.

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