Why personalized Tea towels for schools are a great idea

Tea towels for schools can be used for a variety of purposes. Although once only present in the home, they are becoming a common schoolbag item. As you know, when you get a big group of children in one place, germs can spread like wildfire. Giving your child their own personalized tea towel will mean that only they are using it so there is less chance of them spreading or coming home with germs that have been spread from a whole classroom of children using the same drying facilities.

Why personalized Tea towels for schools are a great idea

Another way that personalized tea towels can be used is for fundraising. Schools trying to raise money for their own funds or another worthy cause could get the students to design a tea towel for a small fee and the winner will have theirs printed. Parents and relatives can have the opportunity to purchase the winning design with the school logo so they have a useful keepsake. They will also be happy to be helping out a worthy cause and get something in return. After all this is an item most households already have and can never have too many of.

Around Christmas, or another public holiday schools could get each student to create a design and take orders for a gift that loved ones can keep forever and actually use. Buying socks and underwear each year can get tiresome so choosing a gift that someone actually wants will make a refreshing change and a tea towel with your child’s drawing will last a lot longer that a piece of paper or card with their design on. You could take advantage of the online special offers and add an extra small fee to help fund a school project or fundraising venture.

Special occasions can be commemorated by selling personalized tea towels too! You could get children making towels to mark thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and other holidays. When children are about to leave to move up to their next school a personalized tea towel with the class year on would be a great way for children to look back at their memories.

Personalized Tea towels for schools can be designed with photographs, favorite characters and/or writing. You can pick from a whole host of border designs and pre designed characters or just create your own. School logos can be added too. Choose from a range of sizes and materials to target a wider audience.

Buying in bulk for a class or whole school will allow you to save money too and add an extra amount to parents and other buyers to make a profit without the item becoming too expensive. The more you purchase the more you will be able to save, so getting the whole school involved rather than just a class would be beneficial. Other clubs could also benefit from fundraising this way, such as scouts or girl guides. If there is a group that needs to raise money and wants an easy low cost way of doing so, personalized tea towels could be the answer.

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